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Uzbekistan: Investigate Death in Custody, Torture

ibodovsBrothers Opposed Extortion, Threatened to Expose Corruption

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Uzbekistan: Continuing repression in the wake of Andijan

Andijan 2016 1On the 11th anniversary of the tragic events in Andijan of 13 May 2005,

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Norway: We call upon authorities to stop deportation of human rights defender Igor Belyatsky!

Igor10112016At 2am on 10 November 2016 in Norway, four police officers (one woman and three men) forced their way into Igor Belyatsky’s house, a member of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia since 2010.

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Torture concerns for prisoner in Uzbekistan

DavronTwenty-four year-old Davron Komoliddinov is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Prison Colony 64/61 in the city of Karshi in southern Uzbekistan after being found guilty of crimes against the constitutional order in a trial that breeched international standards of fairness.

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