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Kyrgyzstan: attacks on ethnic Uzbeks are getting more frequent in Cheryomushki neighbourhood of the Osh city

CheremushkiAfter the publication on the situation of ethnic Uzbeks in the Southern Kyrgyzstan, local police stopped accepting complaints regarding aggressive incidents motivated by nationalism.

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Kyrgyzstan: an attack on a basis of ethnicity

osmonov3 siteOsh, another attack motivated by ethnic hatred on an individual

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Kyrgyzstan: An attack on a minor on ethnic basis

kastet1 siteOn 26 August 2014, at approximately 18.00 hours, near residential buildings of the Youth Housing Association at the Karasu district of Osh city an ethnic Uzbek high school student Turginbay Mominov was attacked.

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Kyrgyzstan: murder motivated by domestic nationalism

osh8 siteAn ethnic Uzbek was killed in Osh after being dragged into a conflict by few men of Kyrgyz origin.

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Kyrgyzstan: another attack on an ethnic Uzbek, and criminals evade the charges again

azimjan-ibragimov siteOn 1 September 2014 at 05:30 in the Osh district of the city of Osh, near the "Hasiyat" mosque, Azimjon Ibragimov, an ethnic Uzbek born in 1951, was attacked.

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Discrimination of ethnic Uzbeks continues in the Southern Kyrgyzstan

KG logoOn 9 June 2014 the State Inspectorate for Environment and Technical Security of the government of Kyrgyzstan published its decision in respect of 53 of small businesses.

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