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Kyrgyzstan: all prisoners forced to shave beards

politzek1In Kyrgyzstan's prisons the prisoners are being forced to shave beards.

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Kyrgyz citizen Dilmurat Khaydarov did not go to Syria

ahrca khaydarov siteIn the village of Nariman, in southern Kyrgyzstan, in the house of the former political prisoner Dilmurat Khaydarov the police conducted a search.

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Kyrgyzstan: the mother of 5-month-old sick child is remanded in prison

justice1 siteSince 29 April 2015 a breastfeeding mother of a 5-month old baby is detained in a pre-trial detention facility.

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Kyrgyzstan: the case of Dilmurat Khaydarov will be reconsidered

ahrca khaydarov siteBased on material of the criminal case N°141-10-240

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Kyrgyzstan: the defendants declared wanted

osh3 siteBased on the materials of the criminal case N° 141-10-240.

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Kyrgyzstan: Mirzakhid Vakhabdjanov denied the right to a fair trial

justice1 siteon the criminal case N° 41-10-582

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