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Kazakhstan: a prisoner is tortured and forced to leave «Khizb ut-Takhrir»

RafisIn Dzheskasgan prison camp, the prisoner Rafis Galiulin is subjected to torture.

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Kazakhstan: more restrictive regime of custody is extended by further six months for a prisoner Rafis Galiulin

RafisRestrictive regime of custody of Rafis Gaiulin in the Dzhezkazgan prison colony of Kazakhstan is extended the second time by six months.

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Kazakhstan: Christian convicts denied access to a praying room

politzek site22 August 2011 Alexander Gaponov, a convict of the UK 161/12 in the town of Arkalyk, Kazakhstan, asked the deputy head of the colony in charge of internal order and operations D.A. Belgibaev to allocate a praying room for Christians.

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We condemn Kazakh authorities for the excessive use of force against civilians

ZhanauzenWe express our condolences to the families and dear ones of the victims

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Statement about prosecution of human rights activists

The civil society organisations of Kazakhstan express deep concern about the pressure exerted

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Kazakhstan: workers of the video portal "Stan.Kz" sustained gunshot wounds

StanTV.siteOn October 26, 2011, Asan Amilov, a cameraman, and Orken Bisen, a journalist from the “” were subject to armed attack in Aktau, the Mangistau District. The bullet-wounded victims were admitted to hospital. A criminal investigation was initiated in connection with the incident.

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