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In Uzbekistan there are no conditions for fair presidential election

1svoboda-engOn 29 March 2015 presidential elections will take place in Uzbekistan

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Statement of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia about online publications on the "" website

petition siteOn 16 May 2014 three articles were published on the website "" in relation to the position of our organisation and its members: Nadejda Atayeva and Jodgor Obid and their statement about the health of Uzbek activist Malokhat Eshankulova.

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Poor protection of citizenship of the Russian Federation for the former citizens of Uzbekistan

flagirus enlLegal arrangements of the Russian Federation do not protect the interests of its citizens who were previously citizens of Uzbekistan.

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Uzbekistan: On the Situation of 8 Participants in an Action of Solidarity with Free Ukraine

evromaii2 siteParticipants in an action which took place in January are to face a judge 4 April 2014. If they fail to appear, they face an additional fine.

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Uzbekistan: 6 picketers arrested, their whereabouts remain unknown

evromaii2 siteWhat is happening to the detainees, the reason for their isolation and whereabouts remain unknown. Urgent intervention of the international community is required.

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Open letter to the EU Special Representative

europa flag mapMrs. Patricia Flor

European Union Special Representative for Central Asia

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