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John Kerry has nothing to do with Murad Djurayev’s release

John Kerry official Secretary of State portraitIn recent days, some human rights activists and the media attributed a huge role in the release of a political prisoner, a former deputy of the Parliament of Uzbekistan Murad Djuraev, whom we congratulate on this long-awaited event, to the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

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«Corruption and Human Rights»

corruption1 site– This is the title of the conference to be held in Geneva on 26-27 November. An organiser of the conference is the Centre for Civil and Political Rights based in Geneva.

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Ten Years after Uzbekistan’s Massacre, the Tragedy Continues to Unfold

Foto-OSIMay 13 marks the 10th anniversary of one of the bloodiest events in the history of modern Uzbekistan.

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And how many such cases are there in Uzbekistan?

Nilufar-siteResponse to the comments about a story of Nilufar Rakhimzhanova described in the press release of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia “Uzbekistan: a woman convicted of “terrorism” died in prison” dated 24 September 2014 

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Uzbekistan: Islam Karimov stayed at power and retained the dictatorial regime

KarimoFFThe elections were held on 29 March 2015.

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Corrupt National Security Service agents bankrupted a successful business

komfort elit siteOne of the stories about how the Sharifhodzhaev brothers dealt with entrepreneurs

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