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Uzbekistan: Defend human rights activist Uktam Pardaev

Pardaev UmidaAAs an essential strategy to sustain its massive use of forced labour, the government of Uzbekistan harasses, arrests, detains, and in some cases tortures citizens who attempt to document it. 

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Open Letter Regarding the Human Rights Situation in Azerbaijan

azerbaidshanWe the undersigned are alarmed by the deteriorating human rights situation in Azerbaijan.

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US Secretary of State, John Kerry

John Kerry official Secretary of State portraitDear Secretary of State
We are writing to you on the eve of the joint meeting in Samarkand with foreign Ministers from the five Central Asian countries in the new format of dialogues between USA and Central Asia “C5+1”.

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Appeal of the human rights activists to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev

aliev 2 siteMr. President Aliyev,
We are concerned about the ongoing persecution of human rights activists, the founders of the Institute for Peace and Democracy in Azerbaijan Leyla and Arif Yunusov.

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United Nations Human Rights Council Asked to Investigate National Discrimination at American Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Prague

RFERL-torch1PRAGUE. -  Residing in Prague former employees of American Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Croatian citizen Snjezana Pelivan and Armenian national Anna Karapetian, officially request the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (UN HRC)

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Statement of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia about online publications on the "" website

uznews logoOn 16 May 2014 three articles were published on the website "" in relation to the position of our organisation and its members: Nadejda Atayeva and Jodgor Obid and their statement about the health of Uzbek activist Malokhat Eshankulova.

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