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Trial against 13 members of the Islamic Renaissance Party begins in Tajikistan

Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan LogoThe EU, the US and the OSCE should demand that President Rakhmon creates conditions for holding fair and impartial trials.

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Uzbekistan: a woman convicted of “terrorism” died in prison

Nilufar-siteIn a women's prison located in the Zangiota district of the Tashkent region, on 13 September 2014 a prisoner, Nilufar Rahimdzhanova, died.

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Tajikistan: Opposition Activists Detained

Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan LogoUS, EU Should Press President to End Crackdown on Dissent

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Tajikistan: Long Prison Terms for Rights Lawyers

YorovSerious Blow to Independence of Legal Profession

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Tajikistan: Reverse Political Party Closure

Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan LogoAllow Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan to Operate

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Statement of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia

Asso.HRCA logoWe would like to address the political opposition group of Tajikistan the “Group 24” and its supporters.

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