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"Our torturers know that they will never face the law"

sudba site
- a report by the Association for Human Rights in Central describes the system of torture and extrajudicial execution in Uzbekistan.

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A teacher beat a schoolchild. A child need help!

ahrca2010 shuaip enOn April 20, 2009 at school N°10 of Tashkent region, Tashkentskaya oblast, the teacher of geography Kamila Tashmuhammedova beat the 6-grade student Shuaipa Erdonov, born in 1996.

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Uzbekistan: Incarceration of the 63-year old Yuri Korepanov leads to his heart attack

Korepanov siteA Russian citizen, 63-year old Yuri Korepanov, sentenced for 16 years in Uzbekistan, has suffered a heart attack in December, 2010.

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This letter was secretly passed from the colony with a strict regime # 64/33

6433This letter was secretly passed from the colony with a strict regime # 64/33 (Karshi city, Kashkadariinskaya oblast) in July or August 2009

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The Absurd Verdict: Uzbekistan has convicted Yuri Korepanov, a Russian citizen, for “betraying his Uzbek motherland”

Korepanov siteAlthough he is a Russian citizen, 63 years old Yuri Korepanov, was tried as a citizen of Uzbekistan and convicted to 16 years in prison.

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Jailed writer Mamadali MAKHMUDOV’s (Evril TURON) Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam KARIMOV

Mamadali siteMister President!
It turns out that my release from prison depends upon You alone.

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