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Uzbekistan: prisoner Asrorjon Isajonov on the verge of death

poster17A typical story of a political prisoner in Uzbekistan. Prisoner Asrorjon Isajonov is on the verge of death in a high security prison colony UA 64/51 (the city of Kasan of the Kashkadarya Region).

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Uzbekistan: relatives have been handed the body of a person under investigation with stabbing wounds and traces of beating all over his body

politzek site30 March 2013 relatives of Umid Akhmedov (born 1975) were handed his body for urgent burial and took a written signed statement on non-disclosure of information about the injuries on the body of the diseased.

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Uzbekistan: up to 4 hours in the queue to use toilet – is it not torture?

2lettre 64.1 2Association for Human Rights in Central Asia has received a letter signed by prisoner detained in colony 64/1 in Chirchiq.

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Uzbekistan: body of the diseased convict not given to the relatives

Khamidulloh site4 April 2013 in the colony UYa 64/51 in the Qashqadarya Province near Kassan, an inmate Khamidulloh Omonov died.

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No More Andijans! Stop the Sale of Military Hardware to Uzbekistan!

andijan1 siteAccording to “The Times” (Feb 8.2103), the British Ministry of Defence plans to sell military hardware leftover from Afghanistan that is not worth repatriating to Britain to Uzbekistan.

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