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Uzbekistan: An appeal against the sentence in the case of Murat Juraev is rejected

Murad.Juraev site2 siteOn 3 January the appeal of the prisoner Murad Juraev was considered. He was sentenced to 3 years and 24 days of imprisonment on 4 December 2012.

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Uzbekistan: ailing political prisoner Murad Djurayev is again placed in solitary confinement

Murad.Juraev site2 siteOn 10 October 2012 political prisoner Murat Juraev was placed in a punishment cell for further eleven days. On  13 November fifth term of his punishment will expire, however, this might not be the last one.

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Uzbekistan: Free Political Prisoners on Constitution Day

konstituciyaUse Anniversary to Advance Real Reform

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Citizen of Russia Yuri Korepanov allowed leaving Uzbekistan

Korepanov siteSentenced in Uzbekistan for treason to 16 years in jail a citizen of Russia Yuri Korepanov returned to Yekaterinburg. He served 10 months of his sentence under these absurd charges. Now he is restoring his health.

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Uzbekistan: The imprisoned writer Mamadali Makhmudov receives a serious head injury

Mamadali siteI saw my father emaciated, he could barely speak or move ... "- says daughter of Mamadali Makhmudov.

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Uzbekistan: citizen of Russia Yuri Korepanov released from custody, but cannot leave Uzbekistan

Korepanov siteYuri Korepanov, a citizen of the Russian Federation convicted for 16 years in jail in Uzbekistan, has been released from custody, but he cannot leave for Russia. His documents are not issued.

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