Uzbekistan: a human rights activist Nuraddin Djumaniyazov is admitted to a hospital

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Nuraddin Djumaniyazov, a jailed human rights activist is in dire health and suffers from diabetes. He was transferred to the Sangorod- YA 64/18, a prison medical facility in Tashkent. 
Nuraddin Reimberganovich Djumaniyazov, was born on 8 October 1948 in Turtkul city of Karakalpakistan Autonomous Soviet Republic, Uzbekistan national, divorced, has got two children.
He is a member of the “Mazlum” human rights centre since 2003 and one of the founders. In 2012 he took an active part in founding the Union of Free Trade Unions to support the labour migrants and was a head of the Tashkent department. 
In January 2014, Djumaniyazov and other human rights defender, Fakhriddin Tillaev were accused of human trafficking under Article 135, Part 3, Subsection (d) of the Criminal Code of Republic of Uzbekistan. 
On 6 March 2014 the Tashkent City Shaykhontahur District Criminal Court sentenced him to 8 years and 9 months of imprisonment; Fakhriddinn Tillaev was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months.
Although the defence lawyer could demonstrate that during the investigative stage of the case and at the Court hearing the rights of Nuraddin Djumaniyazov and Fakhriddin Tillaev were violated, the appeals were unsuccessful.
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