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France-Uzbekistan: Political prisoner Muhammad Bekzhan received the “Journalist 2013” award of "Reporters without Borders"

rfs 3 siteSpeech at the “Journalist 2013" Award Ceremony at the international organisation "Reporters Without Borders"

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Uzbekistan: A Happy Birthday to Murad Djuraev! We wish you good health and freedom

Murad.Juraev siteOn 5 September 2013 Uzbek political prisoner Murad Djuaev turned 61. He has spent 19 years of his life in prison being convicted on trumped-up charges.

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Uzbekistan: Political prisoner Murad Djuraev is forced to backbreaking labour

Murad.Juraev site2 siteThe ailing 61years old political prisoner Murad Djuraev is forced to work in the production of bricks. This exercise resulted in the deterioration of his health - he often faints from high blood pressure.

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Uzbekistan: Red stripe on the case file of the political prisoner Murad Djuraev

Murad.Juraev site2 siteThe warden of prison 64/1 in Chirchik has repeatedly stated that the prisoner Murad Djuraev is under special control: there is a red stripe on his case file. He was convicted for the fifth time. Seriously ill political prisoner is forced to perform backbreaking labour.

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Uzbekistan: a letter from the prison colony 64/47 at the town of Kiziltepa

lettre-3 siteA few days ago we received a letter from a prisoner, whose name is known to our organisation.

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Uzbekistan: writer Mamadali Makhmudov set free!

Mamadali site19 April 2013 writer Mamadali Makhmudov was set free. At 19:00 he crossed the threshold of his house; his son met him. Today he saw his five grandchildren for the first time.

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